Communication & RelationshipsWelcome to my community education page where you’ll find a number of downloadable information resources on Relationships and Communication. This material is for educational purposes only and is not intended to replace the assessment and treatment of an appropriately licensed mental health professional.

Why We Argue About The Same Stuff All The Time or Circular Causality: What It Is and How to Escape It.

This is a PowerPoint Presentation that addresses one of the major processes that keeps couple locked into their arguments and some keys to getting off this relationship hamster wheel. The lecture is provided in two parts.

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You-Statements: Avoiding The Blame Game

This is a PowerPoint Presentation that provides 13 examples of dysfunctional forms of communication and the one healthy form of communication that eliminates them.

Communication & RelationshipsHarsh Start-ups & Incongruent Messages

Harsh start-ups and incongruent messages are two dysfunctional forms of communication that create a great deal of havoc in our communications. This PowerPoint Presentation examines why this is the case and how to eliminate this problem.

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In future additions to this page, I’ll be talking about the various types of communication traps that couples fall into and how to avoid them, how to communicate with your partner successfully, why negotiations between couples fail and how to make your negotiations productive. So, feel free to visit often, and check out what’s new.